Our Services


Financial Planning

Zoel Capital provides personalized comprehensive financial planning services that cover several areas of your financial life such as retirement, investment, education, insurance, debt management and estate planning.

As a wealth management firm, we make affiliations with accredited professionals that can further assist you with complex financial needs.

Investment Management

We will help you build a strategic and diversified investment portfolio that is tailor made to suit your financial needs.

We provide you with investment opportunities into various asset classes such as equities, fixed income and cash equivalents. To aid in this, we have partnered with who we consider to be top tier local and global fund managers.

Client Experience

When you join Zoel Capital, all relationships centre around you. At your initial meeting we take you through what to expect from us.

In subsequent meetings and in between we stay in close contact with you, so you will never have to wonder if you are on track to meeting your financial planning goals, or how your investment portfolio is performing.

We have in our team of consultants an estate planning attorney, an insurance analyst, a retirement planning specialist, an investments specialist among others readily available to assist you and ultimately deliver all-encompassing financial advice.

At Zoel Capital we have made every effort to ensure that from your first day, we truly deliver superior customer experience.


Our Advantage

Independent Firm

Being an independent firm allows us to serve as your ally, providing reassurance that you are getting unbiased advice.

Fiduciary Responsibility

As a fiduciary, we are responsible for acting solely in your best interest. Our team ensures you only receive our best advice. We are transparent and give you upfront disclosure on any charges.

Boutique Experience

We are a highly specialized financial advisory firm offering customized services and a high-touch relationship. We place great focus on a wholesome customer experience.

Integrated Wealth Management

We not only manage your money but look at the whole picture. We combine comprehensive financial planning and investing to create a total wealth management experience.

Personal Approach

We partner you with a dedicated financial planning professional via face-to-face meetings, online interactions, e-mail and phone.

Long-term Relationships

Our relationships are long-term and collaborative in nature. We deliver ongoing, proactive discussions about your goals and progress.You can depend on us to deliver objective advice and guidance throughout your life.

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